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Scope of Work

Schematic Design: This is the Preliminary Design. The initial consultation, getting ideas and client's needs. We meet the client to discuss project functions and budget. This phase is very important to us because we have the opportunity to meet new clients, and we can determ what the client's needs are.

Design Development: Rough designs and layouts will be presented to the client to identify key design concepts. Couple of other options could be presented at this time.

After the client has accepted a plan sketched out in the first phase, a more detailed and technical plan will be prepare through 3D modeling sofwares. This is also where trim and design details will be created to give your project its distinctive character.

Construction Documents: These are the hard-copy blueprints. Enough details are included in these documents for the construction process.

Construction Administration: This phase may also include answering any questions, and clarify any details of the blueprints, preparing any necessary addtional drawings, handling any changes made to the plans, resolving issues caused by conflicts or lack of details in the design, etc.


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